Saturday, March 23, 2002

E-Newsletter Archive: Spring 2002

JENNIFER JONES ART: Spring 2002 E-Newsletter

Dear Patrons, Family, Friends, and Clients,

For two years I have been fortunate enough to be able to work full time on my artwork. With three galleries representing my work, plus commissions and exhibitions, I've been keeping pretty busy! It's a
welcomed blessing. Several of my series have sold out and the increase in demand is exciting! It's what I've always dreamed of and something I am thankful for each and every day. Creating art enriches my life and it's a pleasure to continue sharing it with you.

I hope you find this first newsletter interesting. I plan to keep you informed about what's happening in my career at least twice each year, and I hope I have enough good news to fill each newsletter up! I'll appreciate your comments about this newsletter, and especially any suggestions or inputs for future issues, please contact me!

Time to get back into the studio to keep working on my next series of paintings that must be available later this spring!

Keep in touch!

- Jennifer
For more information or to view new and available artwork, including limited edition prints, please visit my website at:



How do we know when an artist has really "made it"? A tough question.

Perhaps some artists think they've made it when the hottest gallery in New York invites them to have a show; they're in a museum collection; they're reviewed in International Art Publications; or when they die and finally get recognized for their creativity but can't spend the millions!

Every artist has his or her idea of what it means to be successful. We all do. But the question is always there, "How will I know when I've 'made it'?"

Last month, a similar question came to my mind when I found out that one of my paintings was stolen from new collection in a well- known hotel. I was shocked. It took me a few minutes to digest the news as I was having mixed emotions. It wasn't long before I was filled with a sense of flattery and my sense of humor kicked in. I was thinking:

"What news! How wild- someone went through a lot of trouble and broke the law to own one of my paintings! But how awful that someone would steal someone else's painting . . . good thing they were
insured . . . and it's great that they want to commission me for another one! Hey, thank goodness I'm still alive to paint it for them! How cool! Wait, does this mean that I've "Made it"?

I don't dare venture an answer, but will keep asking!

May 18th, 2002- Group Show, "Recent Work"
Darious Gallery, Atlanta, GA

February 2002- Solo Show, "Elements"
Guillotine Post Gallery, Atlanta, GA


Polo Club, Palm Beach, FL
Westin Hotel, Charlotte, NC
GGilbert Inc., Atlanta, GA
Carol Hunsaker, Atlanta, GA

A special thanks to:

** Bob Means of Topp Props for keeping me stocked with painting surfaces.
** Guillotine Post for a successful solo show in February.
** Mosey Walker for providing his beautiful music for the opening reception.
** Gary Casey for helping transport artwork.
** Frank D'Ascenzo for keeping my website updated.
** And to all of you for your wonderful support! It sure means a lot!

From Rick Laulainen, Vancouver, WA

"I am touched by your Meditation Series, particularly Meditation I through VI. These paintings evoke a sense of refreshing isolation. A feeling I achieve only infrequently. A sensation that reminds me of
standing on a sand dune in January (long ago), sun high in the sky, temperature cool, slight breeze causing the sand to dance around my feet, no other human visible or even in my field of perception
(sight, sound or remembrance).

Humanity becomes both a distant memory and future longing. And within that still-frame of isolation there is a moment of complete contentedness. Happy to be who, what, where and when I am. Life at
that point doesn't require purpose, demands do not exist, pressure flows from inside me out into the void of isolation and my soul takes a deep breath. The air is cool, the sun just warm enough to take the
harsh edge off the wind - a balance of nature that thrills and calms the senses. I feel powerful and powerless, but filled momentarilywith the wisdom to understand that neither position much matters.

I wish I could share that sensation. I think it's a good one."


Please feel free to share your responses and comments regarding my artwork! And, happy spring to all of you!


Sunday, February 24, 2002

Interviewed by TBS

Television Special - In 2002 TBS Interact Atlanta taped an interview in Jennifer's studio which has been aired several times in Atlanta and other US locations.