Saturday, December 29, 2007

InnerViews: Katy Horan

InnerViews: A Creative Interview with Katy Horan

Our final InnerView for 2007 is with New York-based Artist, Katy Horan. Katy is an American painter, printmaker, and illustrator living in Brooklyn and exhibiting her work nationally.

"Crystal Magic"
Image: © Katy Horan

JJLJ: Hello Katy! First of all, let me welcome you to this session of InnerViews. I want to thank you for agreeing to be one of our featured artists!

What is your preferred media and can you tell us a little bit about your drawings included in the Yoriyos "Pied Piper" video?

KH: Right now I work in acrylic and gouache on stained wood. I draw a lot too. I am a big fan of simple pencil on paper and it's nice to see more graphite drawings in galleries these days.

The process we used for the Yoriyos video was really interesting. I drew a ton of images….trees, animals, characters, textures…just lot's of visual elements in multiple views. They were then scanned and the director and animator applied them to 3d models in the computer and animated them then. It was a lot of work and I had major wrist problems afterwards, but it was worth it.

The Pied Piper Video (by Yoriyos)

Band: Yoriyos
Title: The Pied Piper
Agency: Rarechords, London
Production Company: Greencard Pictures, New York/ Seaworthy Films, New York
Director: Ron Winter with Jon Watts
Producer: Alicia Van Couvering
3D Animation: Ron Winter, Ian Wilmoth, Bobo Do, Colin Hess
Illustrated by Katy Horan
DP: Matt Santo
Compositing: Ron Winter
Photoshop: Lilah Montgomery, Liz Riccardi

JJLJ: What continues to be a source of inspiration for your work?

KH: Folk art and folk music continue to be very important. It keeps me grounded and reminds me that art doesn't have to be influenced by trends or glamour.

Image: © Katy Horan

JJLJ: Is there anyone who has played a significant role in your career?

KH: My parents are very supportive, so I feel very lucky for that. So far there have been a handful of other artists and gallery people who I have come in to contact with. They have all helped as much as they can, just as I try to help them out as much as I can.

Image: © Katy Horan

JJLJ: What are you currently working on?

KH: I am in the final weeks of getting work done for a big group show at White Walls in San Francisco. It is the biggest, most professional gallery I have ever shown at, so I am being extra obsessed with the quality of what I am making.

"Banjo Song"
Image: © Katy Horan

JJLJ: How do you see your work influencing others?

KH: I haven't seen influence from my work yet. I do think there is a group of young artists working currently that all influence each other in the most subtle, even subconscious ways. The most bizarre thing is that sometimes a couple of us will come up with very similar ideas at the same time, but in different parts of the country without discussing it with each other first. It's like there's a collective unconscious that's always there. I find that really magical.

JJLJ: What is the strangest or funniest comment or question you've ever gotten about your work?

KH: I can't really think of anything that strange…I think my mind is just blanking. Sometimes I hear that my work reminds someone of the dreams they've had as a child….I really like that.

Detail: "When the Horned Maidens Gather"
Image: © Katy Horan

JJLJ: What is your idea of personal success?

KH: Personal success is when you have found your artistic voice and you are allowed the time and space to explore it. I think that allowing yourself to slow down and enjoy the work and the process is also a mark of personal success.

Image: © Katy Horan

JJLJ: Are there any links you would like to share?

KH: Sure, this is my website:

This is a really wonderful online shop run by my friend Kelly Lynn Jones who is also an awesome artist herself):

These are some artists that I really dig and admire:

Evan B harris (out of Portland, Or)

Kathleen Lolley (out of Louisville, Ky)

Alex Lukas (out of Philly)

there are a million more, but I'll just leave you with those right now.

Oh yeah…this is a Bjork video that I'm in (I'm one of the jumpers).

JJLJ: Thank you, Katy for contributing to InnerViews. We wish you continued success and look forward to following your career into the New Year!

KH: You are very welcome!

"When the Horned Maidens Gather"
Image: © Katy Horan

For more information on Katy's work, please visit her website.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays!

I'm back from a successful trip to Portugal, just in time to play a little catch up and celebrate the holidays. There is quite a bit of exciting news to share with all of you, but will have to wait until after some of the seasonal festivities have their fair shake, so stay tuned... More soon!! In the mean time... Know that I am wishing all of you every joy of this beautiful season and a New Year full of all things good (including more ART!)
Warmest Wishes to you and yours....