Friday, March 4, 2011

News & Updates

I've been saying "holy smokes" a lot lately. I think that's a funny expression and have no idea who or where I picked it up from. Alas, 2011 is off to a busy start! As is typical of me, it's hard to believe time is moving so quickly that it's already March! Here are the latest collection of news blips and tidbits to share. I hope hints of spring are starting to find you, my dear readers, wherever you may be...

My year has begun with my new Serenata series in progress. This is the first series that will span the length of one year of studio concentration. The first part of the Serenata series will debut in May at my solo exhibition at Hunter Kirkland Contemporary. To view the beginning of this series, please visit my NEW WEBSITE!!! That's right! is now live and I can't wait for everyone to see it! Thanks to Robert Hill for making this go live this week! I hope you all enjoy the new site!

Installation of "Pillow", Private Collection, Louisville, KY

Along with the new site, I have a new journal. That's right again! More stuff! You can check it out by going to this link or finding the link on my website. I encourage everyone to comment when you want to share... I love receiving your individual emails, but comments on the blog and journal are welcomed and appreciated as well. (If you have something nice to say, that is.)

I'm fortunate that every once in awhile someone will contact me out of the blue to tell me how much they love my work and how much it has made a difference in their life. I'm flattered and feel so blessed to hear that my work can make such a difference. Amy Lloyd has a blog and has just featured my work and talks about how she connects with it. She also has a newsletter that features my work and discusses in more depth.
I hope you enjoy reading her post! Thank you, Amy!

In an effort to continue getting my work out in front of people in a changing Atlanta market as well as reach others out of state, I've collaborated with Artist, John Folsom, and Art Consultant, Veronica Kessenich. Together we kicked January off by sending out a beautiful new brochure announcing our efforts and the response so far has been very exciting! We have a few events in mind for later in the year and hope those of you seriously interested will sign up for my mailing list if you're not already on my mailing list. You won't want to miss our Folsom Jones exhibitions!

Installation of "Blue Coral", Fisher & Phillips llc. Collection, Atlanta, GA

A few current and recent events including my work are:

The Art Papers Annual Auction. I'd like to thank those of you who participated and came out to show your support. Art Papers and other auctions are a great way to help support organizations, artists and patrons find affordable additions to your collection. The auction was a success and my painting of "Kiri" found a wonderful new home. (Sending gratitude out to my new collector!)

The next auction my work will be included in is the Quinlan Auction in Gainesville, Georgia. The Gala and Auction is actually tomorrow evening (I'm a bit behind on my announcements and apologize for the late notice!) My painting of "Season Gradient" will be available for bids. Good luck and have fun everyone! (Thanks to Dennis Campay for referring my work to Quinlan Arts Center!)

"Season Gradient I"
Mixed Media Painting on Wood Panel
© Jennifer J L Jones

In late January, my painting, "Patience" was included in the Palm Beach Art Fair in Florida. Fay Gold and Moussad Besharat were my representives at the event. It was great exposure and I'm pleased to have had my work included. Thank you Moussad and Fay! I've been receiving some comments on this painting of "Patience" from a few of you recently and just to let you know, it is now on its way out to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Please contact Hunter Kirkland Contemporary for more information on its availability.

Some of you may already know that my work is included in the Harpo Studio collection of Oprah. I was recently told that my painting, "Verdant Meditation" has been in at least one of the Behind The Scenes episodes on the new OWN network. I love that the work in that collection is getting some on air exposure! Thank you, Harpo! (I love that harpo is oprah spelled backward. I once thought about spelling my name backward too and calling my studio Senoj. Maybe I still will.)

Speaking of studios, at the recent R.A.D. event in Avondale Estates, I opened my studio door at Little Tree Studios for part of the day and let people take a peek into my working studio. Many of you know this is a rare thing for me to do, so I'm glad a few people stopped by and enjoyed it.

I'm happy to say that the galleries are all starting to see an increase in traffic and a few of my paintings have recently been placed in new collections. Always makes my heart feel good to know this. Special thanks to my galleries, designers and consultants who have been placing my work!!! I love my partnerships with all of you! Thank you! Thank you!

Soon I'm off to Italy to stay at the Podere Palazzo in Tuscany. I have been mentioning it in tweets here and there (I dumped my twitter account though so I'm no longer tweeting, people) and blogged about it a couple of times already... and most recently have been journaling non stop about it. This is the place I'll be enjoying and creating. I feel so blessed to be able to take this trip. I'll be keeping everyone updated and will look forward to sharing more with you again soon! Be sure to check out my journal if you don't see anything updated on this blog! There is always something going on!

Thanks so much for your support. I hope you all know how much I value it - and you!