Monday, May 14, 2012

Radiant Flux solo exhibition at Hunter Kirkland Contemporary

Jennifer J L Jones - Radiant Flux

Opening Reception Friday, May 25, 2012, 5-7pm
Exhibition Continues Through June 10, 2012

Dear Friends and Collectors:

Hunter Kirkland Contemporary is pleased to present Jennifer J.L. Jones' exciting new work. Jones approaches her painting as an ongoing search for meaning and coherence in a beautiful but mysterious world. Her exquisitely crafted luminous surfaces serve as a kind of mirror that reflects an internal radiance that is hinted at but never actually seen.

The artist's technique of glazing thin layers of different kinds of paint and tar, then sanding them to produce a highly polished finish, has evolved along with her emotional expression. In this series she starts with a background of latex paint that she throws onto the panel as a way to open herself up, then paints on wax paper and presses it against the board to create blocks of color and pattern.

"I studied some of my earlier paintings and started to see the beauty in fragments of the whole, such that one little corner of the old painting would become the inspiration for a new piece that builds on those details, " says Jones. "I think of these paintings as a garden in full bloom, but with the garden's elements abstracted into color fields and shapes that contain an element of mystery."

Unlike the almost dreamlike quality of her previous work, which leads viewers into a state of contemplation, these new works have an immediate emotional impact. This creates a powerful connection between artist and viewer that transforms Jones' personal statement into a shared celebration of the natural world and its delightful complexities.

Nancy Hunter, Owner/Director
Hunter Kirkland Contemporary


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