Monday, June 20, 2011

Folsom Jones Studio Exhibition

It's ON!

This Friday, June 24th (2-6pm), Kessenich Contemporary will host a studio exhibition of a selection of my paintings along with the photographic paintings of John Folsom. I've reserved twenty paintings ranging in size from 10"x10" up to 60"x60" for this special event. We are looking forward to sharing our work in person with those of you in the Atlanta area. (Please contact Kessenich Contemporary directly to receive a formal invitation to this event.)

Sending out my heartfelt thanks to everyone for your ongoing support!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shout Out Blog Brags

I am fortunate to be around people I admire and who are doing things they love. I wanted to shout out/blog brag about a few of these people in regards to their latest events/news/endeavors.

First and foremost, if you're in the Atlanta area, don't miss John Folsom's talk tonight at 7pm about his work currently on exhibit at the Marietta-Cobb Museum of Art. John's work is also represented at the Besharat Gallery booth at SCOPE Basel (June 15-19th) in Switzerland. I can't wait to hear how that goes! Congratulations, John!

John Folsom and I will be exhibiting our work together for a special event here in Atlanta on Friday, June 24th. If you're local and haven't already contacted me to be on the invitation list, please send me an email through my website and I'll make sure you get an invite soon.

My good friend, writer Vene Franco has her new blog up and rolling. It's called Unsweetened. I encourage everyone to check it out and follow her posts... she took a little hiatus from blogging for a bit and her fans are more than pleased that she's "back" now! Congrats, Vene!

Netherlands Artist Brit Hammer is working on a couple of new books and I'm excited and pleased to have been asked to participate in one of them! Brit's book will be out 11-11-11 and I will be sharing more news about that this fall. Thank you so much, Brit for including me on this wonderful project!

My congratulations going out to Fay Gold for all of her latest events and news! Fay has a bundle of exciting endeavors that continue to unfold and I'm looking forward to visiting the new space at the Westside Arts District.

And last, but not least, congratulations to my photographer Robert Hill and his wife Julia on their new addition to the fam. Couldn't be happier for you both! I can't wait to meet your little one.