Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Inspiring a building

It's not every day you find out your artwork has inspired a $70 million, 523,619-square-foot residential high rise in downtown Phoenix. So when I first found out that my painting, "Five Elements", had inspired the exterior and interior design of Arizona's tallest residential structure, 44 Monroe.... I. Was. Thrilled! During my recent visit to Arizona, I couldn't help but put this on my map of places to stop by to see for myself. 44 Monroe is awesome. And since they wouldn't even let me inside the building, I can assure residents that the security is terrific. I'll admit I felt like a rock star while standing in front of the building. Perhaps that's a bit bias, but with due cause. Not only am I flattered, but I am grateful. I can only hope my work continues to inspire...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ARIA: Solo Exhibition at Hunter Kirkland in Santa Fe

"Samsara" 60"x60" ©Jennifer J L Jones

It's hard to believe that my ARIA solo exhibition in Santa Fe came and went so quickly! The show ended Sunday, but to me, it feels like it just opened. One of these days I'll figure out where time goes. I have a sneaking suspicion it flies to a beautiful beach in Tahiti and just hangs out. After all, time stands still or at least moves slower in places like that, right? I might have to investigate that in person soon. I'll need a big break after all the work I'll be doing in the studio this summer!

Lovely Ladies

It's incredible how much time, effort, and energy go in to preparing for a show... thankfully all the hard work paid off as it was a huge success and I've been counting my blessings and feeling grateful every day for the good fortune bestowed upon me. To paint for a living is truly a gift and one I vow never to take for granted.

"Within" 60"x48" ©Jennifer J L Jones

All of my time and experiences in Santa Fe have been positive...This was my fifth year there...and I'm always encouraging people to go check it out. I find it a magical, peaceful place to visit. Of course showing up for the opening is always a celebration and a great opportunity to see old friends, make new friends and share my work with everyone in person. Last year I was proposed to at my opening by a drunk fan... but I'm pretty sure he just wanted a painting. Some people just have different reactions to the work I suppose. The important thing is that he didn't show up to this year's show :) and the new series seemed to resonate with everyone. To know how much my work is increasing its affect on viewers is an exhilarating feeling. I'm happy to
announce that the show ended three paintings shy of sold out... and that has put me on cloud 9! I'm posting a few photos here...

Nancy Hunter, Owner of HKC

...and I want to take this time and send out my sincere thanks to the gallery, my family, friends, patrons, and fans of my work. Thank you for all of your incredible support. You are amazing people!! are you amazing people doing with your precious time this summer? It's a hot and busy one already so I hope this finds everyone well and making that time to enjoy. There is a plethora of exciting news and projects going on behind the scenes here... it's keeping me seriously busy, but I hope to snare some of that elusive time so I can blog more about it all in the coming weeks. Stay cool out there...
Sending out my best,

p.s. To view the images from the ARIA series, please visit HKC