Friday, May 16, 2008

Summer Exhibitions, News & Updates

Memorial Day weekend is approaching and marks the beginning of Summer. As each painting from my newest series "Bloom" (soon to be available for viewing on my website) was completed, I knew I was that much closer to flying out to one of my very favorite places to exhibit my work and to relax....Santa Fe, New Mexico!  For those of you who have never been... I have to tell you that you are truly missing out because everyone used to tell me that years ago before I'd ever been and I've come to realize it really is a place to explore and enjoy... and... well, let's face it, c-h-i-l-l   o-u-t.  I can't wait!

That being said,  the "Bloom" series debuts at my solo exhibition at the Hunter Kirkland Contemporary Gallery in Santa Fe, located on the world-famous Canyon Rd. The opening reception is Friday, May 23rd, 2008 (5-7pm). I look forward to seeing many familiar faces as well as meeting some of you for the first time! 

As soon as I return I'll be back in the studio continuing to work on more fresh paintings for my upcoming exhibition at the Belushi Pisano Gallery on Martha's Vineyard, MA.  The opening reception for that exhibition is scheduled for Thursday, July 3rd.  OK, by now most of you aren't feeling too sorry for me regarding all of my hard work & labor intensive efforts in the studio, huh?  All of these wonderful locations to exhibit and celebrate my work are definitely making me feel incredibly blessed. What tops it off as well is that each time I have the opportunity to return to one of these beautiful locations, I'm luckily able to reconnect with so many of you-- my friends, my family... other artists... collectors and my fan-base. What a treat! Thank you all so very much for making the effort to attend my shows-  it touches my heart and truly makes a huge difference to me and provides endless inspiration. So, thank you! Thank
 you! Thank you!

For those of you in the Southeast and a little closer to home (Atlanta), stick around town because come mid-July,  Fay Gold Gallery will be featuring a selection of my new work in a group show!  (The dates are yet to be announced, but definitely stay tuned.) This will be the first exhibition for my work at Fay Gold Gallery and I'm absolutely thrilled! My first consigned painting to FGG  is titled "Promises".  Here's a sneak peek.... 

36"x60" Mixed Media on Wood Panel
© 2008 Jennifer J L Jones

There are other exciting projects to mention briefly for now...   

I'm excited to begin working on a documentary film about my artwork this summer.  This HD piece will include interviews, clips from gallery showings, images of my work, as well as a glimpse of me at work in my studio. I hope to have a release of this and be able to share it with all of you by the beginning of fall. 

And...  also coming this fall...

One of my images will be published in Front Forty Press's book, 'Signs of the Apocalypse / Rapture'.  This is a curatorial survey of a pivotal moment in contemporary artistic theory and practice. This timely volume features a comprehensive section of writings and essays on the notion of end of times- including interviews from a special episode of National Public Radio's Worldview devoted to the topic, a gallery of diverse and engaging visual imagery with contributions from over sixty artists including such well-respected contemporary figures as Bill Viola, Julie Mehretu, Ed Ruscha, Richard Misrach, Fred Thomselli, Nina Bovasso, and others, each of whom contributes a single image featured on a two-page spread, and two audio CDs- featuring eighteen sound artists, including SunnO, Om, Lichens, and Sonic Youth- with accompanying liner notes and an introduction from the editors. You won't want to miss this collector's item! 

I hope to see you at one of the upcoming exhibitions and wish you and yours a peaceful summer season full of great art! ... And, may many freckles of sun find you enjoying your time and those around you! 


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