Friday, February 5, 2010

Art Papers 11th Annual Auction

Tomorrow night is the big Art Papers Annual Art Auction at Mason Murer! I'm getting pretty excited about it because I read this morning that ticket sales are up 200% from last year and the fundraising for Art Papers Magazine is definitely on the rise!! Love hearing this news!!

Art Auctions are such a great opportunity for collectors to purchase artwork at a sometimes reduced price... depending on how heavy the bidding wars get of course. I've been to auctions where family members are bidding on the same pieces... upping the price and the frenzy... trying to outbid each other becomes a sport of sorts and it can be pretty entertaining as a bystander. Sometimes it can get pretty dramatic... if one has had their heart set on a particular item and they lose the bidding war... it's not pretty. BUT, the best part is that it's going to a good cause... and the artwork finds a new good home. Overall it's a win-win-win all around by helping with fundraising and of course the collectors end up with artwork they've more or less "worked for" in order to to obtain it. It feels good to donate and help out as well.

I just checked the online bidding for the Art Papers Auction tomorrow night and was thrilled to see that there were already several bids for my painting "Mist Flowers V"! I love that there was an option to bid earlier via the internet... Tomorrow night should prove to be a great one... I hope there will be more bids in person as well as absentee bids from afar tomorrow night. I know I am very much looking forward to seeing you all there if you can make it!!

Thank you so much for your support... it means the world!

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