Sunday, May 23, 2010

ARIA: Solo Exhibition at Hunter Kirkland Contemporary

Next weekend I will be in Santa Fe, New Mexico to celebrate the opening of my solo exhibition "Aria" at Hunter Kirkland Contemporary Gallery. Please join us if you are able! Looking forward to sharing my work with everyone in person!


Nearly all creative possibilities are related to the muses that inspire us. When we are touched by their influence, we understand intuitively our capacity for producing our own unique kind of greatness. I believe when an artist embraces this source of creativity and imagination, limitations dissolve.

The paintings within the "Aria" series serve as my translation of intangible and visceral motivations. My creative process involves multiple layers of various mediums through which I am able to reveal and share the reward

that comes from listening to the inner voice.

For when the outer muse disappears, we must look within...

~Jennifer J L Jones

Spring 2010

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