Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Gratitude

They say that change is inevitable. And if we can't change the world, then we should change ourselves. The past year has been one of change for me. For many people I know. So many changes and challenges become bridges to something new and sometimes being forced is the only way to move forward and by moving forward we learn and (hopefully) reinvent better versions of ourselves. New goals, new ideals, new perspectives. The economy and world events have certainly not been shy to shake all of us up. Natural disasters to political maneuvers and meltdowns and yet somehow we still make time for facebook and fascinate at the celebrities whose lives are sometimes sad, but yet offer entertainment to some.

As someone who has never been interested in mob mentality and shied away from popular things as soon as they became fads, I have taken back my time..., I've done away with facebook trying to make more room in my life for things that truly count and matter. Not just for the moment, but long term. I've been blessed with a talent I've always enjoyed and never taken for granted. Even during 9/11 my art served as a healing outlet for many and to my good fortune in the middle of many misfortunes at the time, my art sold better than ever.

I realize that my work is meant to heal. To provide something comforting to those it attracts. All of that comes from me and as the saying goes "if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy". Or something like that. Well, with all the changes over the past year, I've realized I can be happier. And I want that to be reflected in my work. I'm grateful for the friends and loved ones who have shown their true colors and have remained supportive. And these are the people I want in my life. Quality over quantity.

To celebrate the new direction, I'm teaming up with several good friends and contemporaries including artist, John Folsom and art consultant, Veronica Kessenich. The Atlanta art scene is in question and we are determined to push forward and will be working with many designers, various galleries and others to find a place where our work can be viewed, appreciated, and collected.

My new series "Serenata" begins for the new year of 2011. It will lead me to a month in Italy and back again. It will be a year of living life fully and passionately.

So to 2011, I say, "YOU are most welcome!"

I hope the new year will bring renewed hope and passions and joy into your lives and that all the things that make you feel alive and free and loved will be at your beck and call. We all deserve it. So let's live it!

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you all for your incredible support. There are times I think noone is looking and out of the blue I'll receive an email that expresses how my artwork has somehow made a positive difference in someone else's life. That is a blessing and I will continue to be grateful.

Thank you! Thank you! I hope to share more beauty with you through my work soon.
Love and peace,


Vene said...

Nice message to start things off. Happy New Year!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Vene! I miss your blog!!