Tuesday, November 27, 2007

News & Updates

I hope those of you viewing my blog have been enjoying the InnerViews series. We've got some pretty exciting interviews underway and lined up for posting later in December, so I hope you will check back often and/or subscribe so you don't miss one!

Time is flying... and I know we all feel it. I was reminded of this not only by the shock of Thanksgiving coming and going in what felt like a quiet 'blip' this year for me, but also was reminded yesterday when I received my first Christmas card of the season! There was also a 'Happy New Year' blessing included and while coming from a dear person in my life, I have to admit the shock of time never escapes! I admittedly am a little behind in that regard this year... something a little unusual for me, but that just means things have been good and busier than usual!

That being said, I've just completed a new commissioned painting for the JW Marriott in Houston,Texas. This painting will be installed and exhibited in the lobby as part of their permanent collection, and just in time for the grande opening.

Commission for JW Marriott, Houston, Texas (Image © 2007 Jennifer J L Jones)

Also, the Phoenix Squaw Peak Hilton has just acquired a selection of giclee prints of my work to install in their Guest Rooms and Casitas. I recently visited several hotels that own my prints and a few original commissioned works and I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a kick out of it and have someone take my picture next to the artwork. It really is a joy to know that my work can be viewed in such busy public spaces. I only hope this continues for the new year. With the help of a new art consultant I am thrilled to be working with now, my artwork is being seriously considered for her client collections located in China as well as London. I hope to post more related new soon!

And speaking of international ideas... I'm off to Portugal soon to reclaim and bring home a selection of my paintings that were on display for over a year and that I have missed dearly. Last time I was in Portugal I was completely blown away by the beauty and culture-- let's hope I still want to come back once I'm over there!