Monday, November 12, 2007

Jennifer Jones Art Assistant

It's so interesting the way things work out in regards to who we meet, when we meet them and why. I'm still of the belief that timing is everything because just as I was about to postpone my search for an assistant until the new year, yet again, something great happened! Thanks to some aligning stars, some good friends, and a restless paralegal, I'm thrilled to announce that Jeremy has agreed to be my new assistant! I just wanted to take a moment to share the good news and introduce him (albeit virtually) to all of you. With a double major and degree in Art History and International Studies to his credit, Jeremy is also a writer and part of the editorial staff of the Atlanta based deconform publication. To find out more, check out his is blog GHOSTMAP MICROWAVE.

Jennifer Jones, Jeremy Abernathy, and art critic, Jerry Cullum at the Guillotine Post Opening Reception October, 13, 2007. (Photo: Rick Newby)