Thursday, November 1, 2007

News & Updates

I hope you all enjoyed our first InnerView featuring Netherlands Artist, Brit Hammer. There are many more exciting InnerViews in the works and our next interview will (hopefully) be posted later this weekend. It's been an exciting few weeks that have passed in a flash. Lots of news has come and gone already so I'll try to play a little bit of catch up as I can- in between our upcoming InnerViews in the works and new paintings happening in the studio.

I'm pleased to announce that the Heart to Heart Auction at the Timothy Michael Gallery in Roswell was a great success and exceeded the fundraising goal. It's wonderful to know that children in Cambodia will be getting a state of the art school soon. Thanks to all of you who bid on the work featured at this event and especially to Michael and Jennifer Schwartz- two of my new collectors!

For more information about the Heart to Heart School in Cambodia, please visit their website as well as the American Assistance for Cambodia website.