Monday, August 18, 2008

Inspiring Photographer

OK, so... I've been painting, reading, singing, and soaking up what feels like a cascade of inspiration while working on new paintings-- the inspiration is literally coming in and at me from all directions-- from everywhere! (Such an incredible experience when we're open to it!)  Because of this inspiration, I have some great news and posts coming up.....

but for now... what I found so inspiring today... was stumbling upon the photography of Cameron Krone.  Can I just say: God bless "Google Alerts"?  

I should probably confess that I can be quite a snob when it comes to artwork I find personally appealing. Rarely do I immediately "click" with an artist's work. Sometimes I'll like one or two pieces... but their entire body of work or style? Hmm.... I like to joke that it's because of my fine training at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. They taught us well... and those of us that survived critiques and didn't run out crying can critique the hell out of anything. Even a box of kleenex if we wanted to. I have my BFA degree to prove it! :-)  Anyway... suffice to say, I'm picky. Which makes finding art and artists that I become an instant fan of... a big deal for me. 

So, back to today.... occasionally I receive news via Google re: what my galleries are up to...  Today, an 'alert' mentioned Fay Gold and a photographer from NY who did a photo shoot at her home here in Atlanta... my curiosity was piqued.  And that is how I found out about Cameron's wonderful work. 

Before I knew it I was sending him a note to compliment his work.  And to my wonderful delight, he took the time to view my work as well and we're now in negotiations for an artist trade! I'm THRILLED (to put it mildly!) -Those of you following my blog or who know me personally, know how much I adore trades!- My hope is to trade a painting(s) that will warrant a personal photo shoot with him this November while I'm visiting NYC.... and hopefully by posting my excitement in the blog I'm not jinxing anything! 

Anyway, just wanted to introduce his fine photography to those of you who might not be familiar with or haven't seen his work before. 

To my new friend.... I say, "Bravo, Mr. Krone!!"  
P.S. I hope you don't mind me blog-bragging-- and yes, the song posted by Spoon, "I turn my camera on" is meant to be funny. 

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