Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Two Worlds"

"Two Worlds" installed & in good company with my favorite Buddha Head

It felt like Christmas yesterday when UPS showed up to deliver my most recent art acquisition! I now have "Two Worlds" (created by my dear friend, Jessica Pisano) in my personal art collection.   This piece is from Jessica's latest series & featured in her solo exhibit this month at the Belushi Pisano Gallery on Martha's Vineyard. Her work is capturing the eyes of many and Cape Cod Life Magazine just did an artist profile on her in their latest Art Issue talking about this new series! I'm so glad I snagged "Two Worlds"  before anyone else could... it's already hanging up in my living room and love it! This one is truly is a lil' beauty! .... Thanks, Jessica!

"Two Worlds" 
6" x 6"
Mixed Media on Wood Panel: B&W Photograph, Acrylic, & Pencil
© 2008 Jessica Pisano

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Diane McGregor said...

I love this painting - it has a very mysterious, supernatural quality to it. Congratulations on acquiring it, Jennifer!