Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Update

Now that I'm settled back in from my month in Italia, I've gone to my studio a few times and the paint is making me happy. I had a totally uninhibited paint day yesterday. No editing or thinking about what should happen next. It was messy and when I was done it was the perfect under layering that needed to happen for one of my new larger paintings. Now I'm up early looking at my calendar and lists of things that need to happen over the next few weeks. I'm excited to finish up these paintings for my upcoming solo exhibition at Hunter Kirkland Contemporary at the end of next month. They are beauties to be sure. Mark your calendars for Memorial Day weekend!

Other news and tidbits to update you on would be that I've been invited to have my work in two books and while it's a bit premature to announce anything here just yet, I'm pretty excited and honored to have been selected. I also did an interview while I was in Italy regarding my new series of paintings, Serenata. This body of work is spanning the entire year of 2011, so this first segment of the series is what will be debuting out in Santa Fe, New Mexico on May 27th.

In the studio I have a couple of new commissions started... and my work has recently been included in a few new private collections out in Illinois, Oregon and the Kalanipu'u Marriott in Hawaii. All blessings and I'm so grateful!

Other than this... things are quiet and it's a good thing for now. I need the next three weeks in the studio to concentrate and be free from anything but the now. A concept I finally understand.

Til next time, thanks for reading and the ongoing very much appreciated support. Where would I be without you?? Speaking of which, don't be surprised or confused if you receive a note from me soon asking those of you already on my mailing list to sign up again. Apparently, I was yet again flagged as a spammer because three artists on my mailing list flagged my email as junk and spam.... I have proof that they signed up for my mailing list, but in any case, I may be switching to MyEmma to finally get my mailing lists under control once and for all and so there is absolutely NO mistake about who signed up for my mailing list. I so want to avoid future issues. Enough is enough. I mean, it's really a pain in the arse to have to keep having to show proof that I am not randomly spamming people who signed up to hear about my art news. Sigh... Anyway... that will go out in the next few weeks. I hope you'll sign back up again at that point.

(Oh, and if you get a chance, don't forget to check out my online journal to see what else has been going on...)

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