Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Facebook Fan Page

I'm so grateful to have people around me that are wanting to continue getting the word out about my artwork. Thanks to Kessenich Contemporary for offering to start a "fan" page for me on Facebook. Yep. I said the 'F' word. I won't be personally managing the page, so if anyone needs to reach me directly, my website is still the best way. I'm hoping the FB page will make it easier to share even more news and updates, events, etc and that the convenience FB brings to so many people who love it as a social networking tool will be just that. At some point I'll have a link posted so if you're interested, dear readers, you can sign up as a "fan". Thanks for your support and thank you, Kessenich Contemporary!

Addendum: May 4, 2011
Here is the link!

1 comment:

Rodney said...

Well, all right! Can't wait to become a fan! ...Or like it, or whatever the hell facebook calls that these days!