Thursday, May 5, 2011

Exhibition Preview


Serenata: May 27- June 12

Opening Reception With The Artist, May 27, 5:00-7:00 PM

200-B Canyon Rd., Santa Fe, NM

"Samsara II"

Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 60 x 60 inches

©2011 Jennifer J L Jones

We always look forward to seeing what Jennifer J.L. Jones has added to her evolving oeuvre, and this year is no exception. For her new series “Serenata,” which will be on display at the gallery from May 27 through June 12, she uses a richer palette than ever before, addressing ideas and emotions that are at once personal and universal. It’s as if she’s inviting us to journey with her into her inner world of contemplation but also to explore the all-encompassing realm of nature. The unique way she combines the two gives this work a particular urgency, which contrasts intriguingly with her paintings’ serene beauty. Jones continues to abstract her observations from nature while mining her own emotional life for inspiration, most recently drawing ideas from a working trip to Tuscany where she experienced the transition from winter to spring.

"Insieme I"

Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 20 x 60 inches

©2011 Jennifer J L Jones


Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 48 x 48 inches

©2010 Jennifer J L Jones

“My work has to do with nature, energy, seasons, and emotions,” says the artist, “and Italy has had a profound effect on this series. My time there showed me what a major role the weather patterns and seasons continue to play in my painting. The ideas I’ve been working on for this series have been taken directly from my experience in the Tuscan countryside, where I witnessed all the enchanting nuances of living on top of a mountain. My sketches for the series range from brooding, moody, pre-spring storms to the abundant rain and the intense green grass of the hillsides, with blips of white sheep, colorful tulips, and daffodils.”


Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 60 x 48 inches

©2010 Jennifer J L Jones

Jones has refined her technique over the years, using less of the ridged papers and natural elements like leaves that gave her past work texture in favor of glazing thin layers of oil paint, acrylic, and tar, then sanding them until the desired effect is achieved. At first glance the surfaces appear heavily lacquered, almost to the point of impenetrability, but closer examination reveals a textured world of activity beneath the surface, the layering process subtly but powerfully highlighting an abstracted universe of natural elements and the feelings they evoke. The deeper palette of greens, browns, and clarets is deceptive as well, as the pops of light and color that animate the background introduce a sense of playfulness and optimism, of a lightness of spirit that’s grounded by, rather than immersed in, the darkness.


Nancy Hunter, Owner/Director
Hunter Kirkland Contemporary


Hunter Kirkland Contemporary


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