Monday, May 23, 2011

Solo Exhibition at Hunter Kirkland Contemporary

Mixed Media Painting on Wood Panel
©2011 Jennifer J L Jones

This Friday night I'll be attending the opening of "Serenata", my solo exhibition at Hunter Kirkland Contemporary in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I hope those of you in the area will be able to come to the show. Each new painting in this series has a special story to it and one I'll enjoy sharing with many of you in person. (To view these new series images, please visit my website.)

Thanks to all of you for your amazing support! If you'd like to show your support in even more ways, please visit my new Facebook Artist Page. I wasn't planning to personally maintain the page, but it turns out that I'm rather enjoying it and it's another great place to interact with those that enjoy the convenience of social networking. Check it out to see some updates and posts that might not be on this blog or my journal!

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