Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rising Artists!

Yesterday I was a visiting artist for the first time at a high school. While many of the Advanced Portfolio seniors were already gone for the school year... there were a few juniors who were already in the advanced art courses and really made a difference in my experience as a guest. I want to thank Mrs. Johnson for inviting me to try and share my work and knowledge as a full time artist with your classes. I really do hope I was able to make a positive impression and inspire at least a few of your kids. (Mrs. J, you are doing an AMAZING job as a teacher... I was worn out after four classes and can only imagine the strength you must have over the past ten years. Congratulations, btw!)

Special thanks to my sister in law (Shelly), my nephew (Matt), Jessica Hedgepeth, Spencer Grady, Austin Winter, Hannah Merritt, and Wendy Adams. Jessica and Hannah, I really appreciate your openness and wonderful energy and sharing this artwork with me... I was really happy you agreed to let me take these photos and share on my blog. You are both invited as interns if/when the right time opens up. Be sure to keep in touch!

For the readers here: I think all of these kids mentioned have a great deal of talent. They are for sure just a few of the bright eyed rising artists to keep a close watch on! I see bright futures ahead!!!

This is a dress made out of paper airplanes by Jessica Hedgepeth.
(I wish I could wear this to my art opening next week! LOVE it!!)

This is an acrylic painting that really struck me yesterday by Hannah Merritt.
SUCH talent for beginning art!!! GO Hannah!!!

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