Friday, July 25, 2008

Seductive Savannah

After my show last week at Fay Gold Gallery, I took a little break from the studio and Atlanta for a summer weekend jaunt to visit an old love... the sweet city of Savannah.  My affair with Savannah began when I was 17 (to check out SCAD) and has haunted me with it's seductive southern charm ever since. Each visit has been a unique adventure (for good or bad- it's all relative!) and I'm never disappointed.  As some of you may or may not know, I've seriously considered moving to Savannah at least half a dozen times over the years. Something always pulls me back... the natural beauty of oak trees dripping with Spanish moss, ...

... the 18th century garden squares surrounded by historical homes and stories, the soulful lull of being near the water, the incredible creative people that I always seem to meet at just the right moments and whom enrich my life in different ways... it's quite simply enchanting.

The plan for this latest visit was to meet up with jewelry artist Heather Lindsey Stewart.  I became a fan of Heather's designs about a year ago and have been pining for her jewelry ever since.  Heather is co-owner of Kobo Gallery, located downtown on Barnard Street. My traveling companion, Vene and I had the opportunity to meet a few of the other artists as well while at the gallery and peruse their impressive collections. My affinity to Heather's work and our aesthetic connection made this a most enjoyable experience.   Sharing our artistic backgrounds and the serendipitous ways in which we work and find our inspiration was an invaluable exchange.  We even talked about collaborating at some point! I was giddy choosing a few beautiful pieces for my ever growing handmade jewelry collection and am all too happy to support, boast and brag all about her work! It's gorgeous and truth be told, I'm officially addicted!                                                                                                                                                                       
My new beautiful Rose Cuff created by Heather Lindsey Stewart

Meeting with Heather at Kobo Gallery

Showing off my Rose Cuff before our evening tour

The rest of our time in the siren named Savannah was well spent and since Vene is a writer, I believe she was able to best blog about this and capture our time in a much more poetic way than I could ever hope to... I suppose I could make mention of a few other things that were left out, but in an effort to protect the guilty and the innocent (including yours truly, in no particular order!), it's probably best to just include a few snapshots for now...

With Vene posing in front of Six Pence Pub
(you might recognize this place from the Julia Roberts flick, "Something to Talk About")

Since back I've been working steadfast on my commissioned work and next week I'll be starting a new series of paintings to prepare for my Texas show in October at Artizen. To keep things fresh and inspired, I'll be planning other upcoming getaways.... On the list? St. Augustine to visit my dear friend from SAIC, a side trip to the Ichetucknee, Cumberland Island,  a shot over to Charleston, and a local day trip to a nearby sunflower field. Of course there is another trip to sultry Savannah planned as well, which will include gallery hopping with an art writer and meeting up with friends... and finally checking out places recently recommended by locals... Lulu's chocolate bar, Pinkies, The Rail Pub, and since I won't be able to pass it up again, a stop at Zunzi's!  

I hope you are getting the most out of your summer season... tangy lemonade, sweet summer peaches & watermelon, dripping ice cream cones, cool dips in the pool and ocean, walks on the beaches, sailing, hot hikes up foothills and stone mountains... escaping into a movie theatre to beat the heat... camping ... art shows... fairs... and of course road trips!  If gas is too expensive, try taking a day trip to small towns closer to you that you've never explored before... and enjoy your time...

I'll be posting the next updates soon! 'Til then... 
My love and best wishes,

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