Wednesday, October 10, 2007

InnerViews Series Launch

InnerViews: A Creative Interview Series

This morning I sat still in the October sunlight. I listened to the wind chimes and leaves scraping and tapping on the ground, watching them swirling in a chaotic dance. I was inspired by the combination of the warmth of the sun, the cool wind having its way with whatever it could move, and the sounds gently filling my ears.
I closed my eyes during this perfect moment and pictured my next painting.

Inspiration comes in many forms. Some of my most recent inspirations have led me to a place where I am excited to begin interviewing many inspired individuals. I'm pleased to announce and launch my creative interview series, InnerViews.

InnerViews is an ongoing series of interviews with artists, designers, architects, musicians and other inspired individuals world-wide. The goal of InnerViews is the promotion of an artist's work and life, and the presentation of news, events, and inspirations that will help create and foster international networking throughout the greater community of artists. It is hoped that, through these interviews, we can find insight, focus the spotlight on the pulse of what promotes inspiration, and as an infinite cycle bring that inspiration back to others because of what they think, create and/or do. Some of the interviews will take place online, some in person, and some via podcast or video. In all instances, shared links, photos, videos, or music will accompany the interviews whenever possible.

Interviews are already being lined up with incredible artists in Scotland, the Netherlands and cities across the U.S. I hope you will find inspiration from each interview that we have. If you are interested in being interviewed in a future InnerView session or know someone who should be included in a future InnerView, please contact me through my website.

What inspires you? Who inspires you?