Monday, October 8, 2007

Intern/Assistant Needed

Intern/Artist Assistant Needed

I once wrote a paper in college on "How to Procrastinate". I turned it in several days late and received an 'A'!! I couldn't believe it. I followed my own directions in my 'how to' paper and really earned that 'A'! It still makes me smile. Most of us know that it's no fun to procrastinate though. When something doesn't seem that important or we know it's really important, but feels overwhelming, it's easy to put it off indefinitely. Luckily I haven't had to turn in a college paper for years, but I am still practicing procrastination from time to time.

Things have become increasingly busy over the past few years and while I've been feeling extremely blessed, I've put off asking for help and hiring an assistant for way too long. I procrastinated my initial search up until last week and finally posted an official ad to find my incredible new assistant. I'm hopeful that I will have some great candidates to interview soon. If the saying is true- "timing is everything", then I will have waited just long enough to have the right person apply and for me to hire.

If you are or know of someone interested in an Art Assistant Internship position, please ask them to contact me through my website.