Thursday, October 11, 2007

Highlighting Guillotine Post

This weekend I will be attending the opening of my solo exhibition at Guillotine Post in Atlanta. Sixty paintings will be included in this exhibition and I'm really looking forward to celebrating with many of you on Saturday night.

Since the event is just about here, I wanted to take a moment to to highlight the incredible hosts of my exhibition.

While Guillotine Post acts as a part-time gallery in Midtown Atlanta, it is primarily a full service video post production facility. They provide state-of-the-art video editing and finishing for commercial spots and promos as well as long-form broadcast projects. They are also known for their award winning corporate presentations, documentaries, music videos, and independent film work. One of the great things about the Guillotine is that the staff is compiled of musicians, offering original music as an option to library music.

A few of their most recent projects include "Sneak Peeks" & "Bitcoms" for TNT and TBS. The Digital Content division of TNT and TBS Originals chose Guillotine Post to create these "sneak peeks" for their original series shows. Writer/Producer Belinda Loft worked with Guillotine staff editors Christo Harris, Michael Koepenick and Michael Curtis to create Sneak Peeks for The Closer, Saving Grace, The Bill Engvall Show, My Boys, Heartland, and The Company. The Sneak Peeks are 4 minute excerpts of next week's shows that fans can check out on the web and be "in the know" as to what the upcoming shows will be about. Check out the Sneak Peeks and Bitcoms on TNT and TBS. Watch the spot!

Due to the success of their web-based Sneak-Peeks, VP of Digital Content TNT/tbs, Matt Bunting also asked the team to create a series of "Bitcoms", which are essentially four and a half minute synopses of sitcoms or "itty bitty sitcoms" as Belinda likes to call them. She and the Guillotine crew cut Bitcoms for Tyler Perry's House of Payne, The Bill Engvall Show, and The Office.

"The challenge of the Sneak Peeks is to give fans an idea of what the upcoming episode will be about without giving away any crucial clues, " says Koepenick. "The tricky part
about the Bitcoms is trying to keep them funny despite the fact that the plot points are often the driest parts of the comedies".

Watch an excerpt!

Michael is certainly an inspired individual I look forward to interviewing for an upcoming InnerView session. You won't want to miss it or the show this weekend!
See you there!