Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fay Gold Opening, Kudos, Props, & Shout-Outs

Now that the kitties have been successfully corralled/wrangled-up, and taken to the vet and back home again without incident (meaning no mess to clean up!), I can hang up my rodeo clown suit for the day and get back to blogging and studio art work!  

Adrian & Cameron "workin' it"

First and foremost, I got the "you're gonna live, but check back in a month to be sure" from my surgeon yesterday. (Yay!) So I won't end up like King Tut after all. Phew! 

AND... the update from Fay Gold Gallery is that the summer group show opening reception is scheduled for Wed, July 9th.  That's right around the corner, so mark your calendars!!   I'll have a few brand new paintings ready for this show and I really hope you can all come out for the opening celebration. This will be my first exhibition at Fay Gold Gallery and I'm truly excited about it! Please contact me or the gallery if you have any questions or would like additional information - and don't forget to invite all of your friends! 

Now, as promised in my last post, I wanna give a shout out to some great peeps doing cool things. Kudos are being sent out today to.... 

My dear friend Douglas Fogelson is having an art opening tonight in NYC at the Marlborough Chelsea Gallery from 6-9pm. Congratulations, Doug!! If I could be there tonight, I'd have bells on! For those of you in New York, I hope you'll try to make it out for this summer group show. 
I've also heard rumors that there is an after-party drink thing to follow!!  What fun! 

I would also like to give props to my friend Jennifer Massey.  Jennifer is a professional actress and the 48-Hour film she shot last month was selected for Washington, DC's 2008
"Best of the 48 Hour Film Project" screening. Although they didn't win the festival, their film (entitled " All Roads Lead Away") received a very warm reception from the audience -- it was clearly a crowd favorite.

While you're at it, check out the trailer for "Number One With a Bullet"-- another soon-to-be released short film collaboration between Jennifer and Tohubohu Productions about a desperate author who covers up the death of an arrogant editor in order to get his visionary novel published. His situation escalates when others in the publishing world get closer to discovering the truth.  (I'm personally really looking forward to this one!) 

For those of you who know the singer/song writer/musician, Mosey Walker, you'll be pleased to hear that even though he moved way on out to Portland, Oregon, he's still rockin.  Mosey's in a couple of bands and one of which is currently in the studio being recorded by Everclear's former bass player Craig Montoya. Apparently the climate of the NW suits Mosey and we can't wait to hear all the new melodicas coming out of Mr. Walker soon! p.s. If you haven't heard Mosey's music before, here are a couple of samples for your listening pleasure:

One of the great things about getting to know other creatives is finding out just how diverse and talented they all really are! I was afforded the opportunity to read a couple of samples of writings by my friend Vene Franco and am ready to buy her book before it's even out! Her work was recently was published in The Duck & Herring Co. Pocket Field Guide (Warm Weather 2008).  She's also recently been "wooed" over a book idea by a respected publisher and while I'm not at liberty to disclose any more than that, I'll be more than happy to gush about her in further detail in another future blog when I'm privy. Congratulations, Vene!! Oh, and for those of you curious... you can check out her new blog

I'd also like to highlight the artwork of two incredible artists yet to be interviewed for a future InnerViews Series Session....  Photographer, Corinne Adams and I finally met in person this past February at our show at Soho Myriad in Atlanta. I instantly fell in love with her and her work and the piece I have acquired for my personal art collection is....  beautiful! 

© Corinne Adams 

The other artist I've been bragging about lately is Savannah-based jewelry maker, Heather Lindsey Stewart. I found out about Heather's work on a fated for fun trip to Savannah.  Her jewelry is incredible-- I hope you'll check it out and I'm giving you fair warning... her pieces are extremely gorgeous and addicting! 

Last, but not least, my special friend out in Santa Fe, Diane McGregor, and her husband, Brad, have once again helped out the Wildlife Center.  They recently helped save and foster baby pigeons and participated in a fundraiser event at Val Kilmer's NM ranch.  Major kudos to you both and also to Mr. Val Kilmer.  In an incredibly self-less act, Val generously donated a portion of his ranch to the Wildlife Center to be used as an annex.  Amazing! Giving can be truly inspiring. 

So thanks to all of you out there doing your special things in life... keeping us all inspired... and making me want to continue contributing as much as I can.  OK, all these props, mentions and kudos makes me want to get right back to work and see what kind of good I can do today. 

Happy summer to all of you reading this ... I hope to hear from you and see you soon!!

Love and best wishes,

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Shelly said...

I followed your link to Heather Lindsey Stewart's site and you're right - her jewelry is gorgeous! I have been a fan of handmade jewelry for 30 years and scouted art shows from FL to PA and rarely have I seen a collection so beautiful.

Shelly Jones
Knoxville, TN