Sunday, June 8, 2008

Highlights from Santa Fe

Two weeks have passed since my show out in Santa Fe and it's been non-stop since I've been back. What an exciting whirl-wind! With a summer cold to battle and hopefully soon to defeat, the work is still thankfully progressing beautifully in the studio in preparation for my two-person exhibition coming up on July 3rd at the Belushi Pisano Gallery on Martha's Vineyard. These new paintings are just about completed and the exhibition announcements & invitations will be mailed out to you all later this week...

In the meantime and as promised... here are a few highlights I wanted to share from the trip out to New Mexico. (Thanks again so much to all of my dear friends, family and of course my wondrous collectors, clients, fans, and associates - ALL of whom make all of these journeys to my exhibitions wonderful experiences & adventures!)

The "Bloom" series debuted at my solo show at Hunter Kirkland Contemporary on May 23rd...
I was thrilled that the entire show was almost sold out and to know the work was so well received!

Here I am in front of "Enchanted Stream" with  good friend & Artist, Diane McGregor.

Diane invited me to her studio to view her latest paintings...

I had the pleasure of meeting Diane's husband, Brad and visiting their beautiful home in Tesuque. 
Diane and Brad get BIG kudos because of all of their work, dedication and selfless involvement 
with The Wildlife Center organization.  

This is Freckles, the Squirrel... 

And this is my new friend "Flower", the Skunk. 

Flower is actually quite famous. Her local pal and fellow Wildlife Center supporter is actor,
Val Kilmer (aka: Doc Holliday! If you haven't seen Val in the movie "Tombstone"... 
...I HIGHLY recommend you rent that DVD immediately!)

I was honored by my art collectors with a Sunday brunch at their lovely (no, make that GORGEOUS) 
home where I got to visit several of my "babies" in their collection. 

They have fun friends and incredible views! 


I was truly honored to be treated with such warmth and regard! 

Definitely a highlight to see the latest installment of the "Bloom Totems II" 

The night before I left Santa Fe, I went to a really cool alternative art space called
  Salon Mr Graff. We had a lovely dinner and I met some wonderful people. 
The artist I happen to be sitting next to is the assistant to the internationally celebrated Artist, Judy Chicago
I guess you just never know who you're going to meet! 

Hope you enjoyed these selection of highlights... I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Next up... 
my two-person exhibition at Belushi Pisano Gallery, Martha's Vineyard, MA.