Saturday, June 28, 2008

July 3rd Art Opening at Belushi Pisano Gallery

It's really almost time to fly off to Martha's Vineyard for my show - I can hardly believe it and I'm really getting excited! 

I'll never forget how surprised I was the first time I went to the island. I thought "Martha's Vineyard".... "ooh... the Kennedy's, swanky island people... hope it's not too snooty for me" lol. What a misconception! The Vineyard has a unique charm all its own. Relaxed, fun, absolutely no pretension... and everyone I've ever met there is just there to chill out and enjoy the island and RELAX. Probably why the celebs choose this as their get-away choice.  It's truly a place everyone should visit at some point and time if they haven't already. 

The fact that I am afforded the opportunity to exhibit my work there for the third year and share this with the Belushi Pisano Gallery & family is a huge plus because they are incredible people. How lucky I am! More blessings that I'm ever so thankful for. 

The last few times I flew in on the puddle-jumpers... which are always fun. Reminds me of growing up flying in the small planes with my parents.  I sure miss those days!  This time I'll be taking the ferry to get to the island and my fun friend Charissa will be joining me from Atlanta for the show. What a great adventure this will be!  I can't wait to see my friends on the island (and nearby from Boston!), meet the folks from McDermott Glass Studios, and celebrate Independence Day with them as well! I hope to have a lot of great photos to share when I return as well as good news from a hopefully successful opening to come.

As soon as I return I'll be putting finishing touches on the new paintings I've been working on for my group show coming up at the Fay Gold Gallery scheduled for the evening of Wednesday, July 9th in Atlanta. I'll be sure to get invites e-mailed out to everyone for that showing as soon as possible. For all of my dear friends and patrons who have faithfully been bugging me to have another show in Atlanta so you can actually attend one of my exhibitions... your chance is less than two weeks away! I hope you'll be able to save the date!

Fond thoughts going out to all of you today...
My love and best wishes,


Anonymous said...

yeah jennifer - we can't wait for your third show with us on the Vineyard! we're gearing up and getting ready for it (all we need now is your sweet self)! The island is really getting busy and we're all having a lot of fun. Can't wait to see you - we've missed you! soon :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like what you did with the songs on your opening page. Very cool. I'm going to listen while I write this morning. V.