Thursday, June 12, 2008

Upcoming Shows, Wordy Updates & News

You know those days where you are so busy and absorbed and distracted by so many happenings and projects that by the time you look up, it's almost midnight? Where did the day go?? I've felt that a lot lately. That was today. Well, at least I got my workout in again... phew! After too many doctor visits surrounding my summer cold and recent exhaustion, I'm determined to maintain my good health & exercise now that I'm feeling well again and have much to accomplish in the studio. (And elsewhere when time permits!) 

Now that I'm reflecting a bit on it, I know exactly how my time was spent today...  Writing a rough draft for an ad (and emailing my brilliant posse for their help and advice) to find and hire a much needed assistant. (Let me know if you know of anyone!! And yes, I am looking for the "perfect" assistant.)  I'm sure I'll post the job description on the blog in the near future. . . (Anyone reading this interested in applying, please contact me through my website to send your resume!) 

Most of my joy from the day came about while I put the finishing touches on a nine-paneled series of paintings called "Mizu" (the Japanese term for 'water'). I can't wait to share these new, beautiful paintings with all of you soon. "Mizu" will debut at my show coming up on July 3rd at the Belushi Pisano Gallery. I also mailed out the invitations to that show today ... 

p.s. For those of you who don't know what a geeky girl I can be... It made me happy putting the postcard stamps on the invites... they are so bright and beautiful! Have you seen them yet? Fruit!! Star fruit, Kiwi, Papaya, Guava, Pomegranate... Seriously. Very cheery stamps! Ha! So, there's something about me most of you would n-e-v-e-r know. I'm a geek when it comes to office supplies, cards, stamps, stickers, labels, etc. No, I'm not a collector, but I am an appreciator. Silly, huh? 

OK, on with this post...

As I was saying... on Thursday, July 3rd, I will be celebrating at Belushi Pisano Gallery opening reception for my exhibition. I will be showing with the McDermott Glass Studio artists, David McDermott and Yukimi Matsumoto. What an honor! The exhibit will run through July 17th. I hope to see you on the Vineyard if you can make it for the 4th of July weekend!! Tis sure to be FUN!

And... coming up next Friday, Belushi Pisano is also having a group show on June 20th with the opening reception from 5p-8p. The show will run through July 2nd. . . 

That same weekend, Artizen Fine Arts in Dallas, Texas will also be featuring my work in a group show beginning on Saturday, June 21st.  I hope if you are in any of these cities listed you will take a moment from the summer heat and cool off in one of these great gallery locations! 

OK. Soooo....  all that being said... lots, lots to keep up on here!  I think I've finally figured out how to add links and allow comments to my blog posts. How 'bout that? I'm a little slow to take the time to post efficiently, but I hope you'll share some comments if you like what's going on with these posts and my work! 

I know many of you were enjoying the InnerViews series sessions and I promise they will begin again... I can't give a date yet, but to help provide a better forum for the interviews, I've created a blog that will be connected to this one, but entirely dedicated to the interviews and will keep you posted on the development.... Thanks for being so patient! 

And thanks a million for your ongoing, incredible support. It touches my heart and never ceases to amaze me that you are all so genuine! I send my gratitude out to you all... and hope this post finds you and yours well.


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