Sunday, June 22, 2008

How To Lose 6 lbs. in 6 Days for only $1,045.00 !!

I was going to start this post out with a little joke that I thought of when I woke up this morning. I'd like to think I'm funnier than I am, but it's true that I'm usually the only one laughing at my jokes...  so I'll spare you, my dear readers. :-)   The people who "get" my humor tend to be favorites of mine. Even if they pretend to get my humor, they still come out on the top ten on my list of good peeps! So, it is true that humoring and flattering can get us... perhaps not everywhere, but some places. At the tops of some artist's lists like me, anyway. 

I woke up today feeling happier than I have all week. Last night I had a great talk with my Dad while he was on the sailboat with my Mum (technology is awesome- especially when a daughter is seeking parental advice!) and pleased that I finally got to chat with one of my dear friends last night. Even if for a very brief few minutes, it's amazing how much some people can brighten up our days just by hearing their voice. I was talking mostly about my recovering from my oral surgery this past week and how hard it was for me to reach out and ask others to help me out.  I was going to post a link to a video I found on YouTube that showed what I went through, but decided that it was too gross and there isn't anyone reading this blog that would REALLY want to see that, right?  . . . right? .....  Anyway, suffice to say this was a tough thing for me to face (I'm an admitted wimp), but a couple of family members and special friends really stepped up to help me out and kept me mostly brave. Thank you, my sweet-lings. (You know who you are.)  Now that I'm on the mend and definitely feeling better, more like myself...  the bright side of things have come to light from this experience:

• I lost 6 lbs. in six days. (For a mere $1,045.00)  I don't recommend it, but it works! 
• Milk shakes + Pain Meds = Good times (well, until the pain meds make you feel sick)
• I learned that I need to ask for help in a more direct manner or people won't know I need help
• A few days of doctors orders to rest as much as possible really made me RELAX. Wow!
• I had time to reflect on my recent paintings and goals with my quiet, meditation time
• Prayers, emails, phone calls, and Reiki from my family and friends really do work!
• I can only exist for a few days on soup alone
• I'm hilarious to watch on medication (apparently)
• Pets really do help us heal
• Reminder to self: Don't hit on my surgeon right before surgery! 

All in all... providing I get the A-O-K from the surgeon on the 30th, I think my first days of summer are looking pretty sweet.  A month of being sick with a cold, then exhaustion and recovering from surgery has left me wanting to try and make more time to stay in better touch with my family and friends, take time to relax more often, and most certainly look forward to my upcoming show and visit to Martha's Vineyard on July 3rd. 

The Belushi Pisano Gallery just celebrated Friday night with their first group show of the season. The turn out was great and the island is beginning to fill up with visitors. By the time I arrive for my show (I can't wait!!) hopefully there will be a full house for the opening night. There was recently a really nice article written about the gals at the gallery too. Check it out if you can! (This photo below by Ralph Stewart features one of my paintings "Botanical Quilt".)

Belushi Pisano Gallery
(Photo by Ralph Stewart)

My new series of paintings entitled "Mizu" (meaning 'water' in Japanese), has just been completed and will debut at Belushi Pisano Gallery on July 3rd.  The series images will also be posted on my site in its entirety very soon... in the meantime you can view a few of the latest images on the BPGallery site. 

Last night... Artizen Fine Arts in Dallas, Texas hosted an opening reception for a group show including a selection of my recent paintings. The reception was from 6p-9pm.  I hope those of you in the area were able to attend...  If only I could be have been there, I surely would have been celebrating (mostly pain-med-free too)!  

That wraps up this morning's post.  I'm putting a few finishing touches on the other paintings for the "Mizu" series and have plans to relax a bit more this afternoon to make sure I'm right as rain again come July 3rd.

My next post is going to be really exciting because I am planning to send out BIG kudos to some very talented friends of mine that deserve some shout-outs.  Accomplishments such as shows in NYC, book publishing deals, films and television debuts, and volunteer and charity work for causes that make the rest of us look bad! lol 

Stay tuned... and thanks so much for your continued interest and support.
My love and best wishes to all of you!!

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Anonymous said...

Pretty botanical quilt painting and gallery space. Wish I could go with to the Vineyard show. Sun, sea, art. It's going to be great. Give my love to Luke.